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Classic Sartin Programs - your host: Bill Varone Synergism, Energy, Kgen, Entropy, Thoromation, Quad-Rater, PaceLauncher, Synthesis, Validator, Val4, Speculator, etc ...

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Old 02-21-2019, 09:21 AM   #21
The Pook
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Hi Ray,

Thanks for sharing your success story of long term betting. These are the only numbers that count. Profiting over the long haul is the holy grail.

Your numbers appear similar to mine which I posted in the Match-up area in January for 2018. Like you I seek supplemental retirement income. It is quite a journey of ups and downs over 12 months. You need a plan that works for you and you have to stay the course. You obviously are doing that.

I have no familiarity with the old DOS programs. I do the Match-up using RDSS in a Mac environment. My goal is $100 flat bets. I don’t know if I will ever achieve that. Maybe. The longer you go and the longer you overcome failure and losing streaks etc., and the longer you still stay the course, the more confidence you get. I concur though that there would never have been any way I could have been a pro betting with all of lifes regular pressures. I don’t know how those people do that.

Anyhow I was glad to read of your similar situation. As you say there is more to life than horse racing. But what a wonderful diversion it is.

I wish you continued success Ray.

Pook (Mike)

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Old 02-21-2019, 11:30 AM   #22
ray lopez
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Hello Mike,

I think success is the long journey we are all in.I looked back when i joined the Sartin Methodology in the early 80's.I was dreaming of becoming like the great Tom Brohamer , heavy-betting Dick Schmidt or the master pace-analyst Tom Hambleton.I was able to bet only on weekends because of my job and family responsibilities.I was never able to put it all together.Like every horse afficionado,i bought a lot of software,books and systems through the years,some promising easy money and quit-your-job-soon assurances.The last i bought was Dick Mitchell's Seminar-in-a-Box.It was not a waste of money though,because i got some ideas and style of betting from it.When i was closing in on my retirement,i knew i would go back to the old Sartin programs.Don't get me wrong,RDSS is the modern Sartin program and i know in capable hands it is the way to go.It's just that nostalgic feeling of playing with my old idols that i will go with Energy,Thoromation and Val4.It's like holding the old venerable 1911 45 caliber pisto with only 7 bullets in the magazinel,knowing that better and more modern pistols are now available.Think about what a wonderful era it was with all the great minds in horse handicapping working together at one time...Doc,Jim Bradshaw,Brohamer,Jones,Connelly,Hambleton,Schmidt,Mike Pizzola and so many more.It was like watching the NBA All-Stars.I also remember the young Lee Rousso winning the Cal-Neva Champions Handicapping Challenge in Reno against some great players.I was there,mesmerized with his ability of picking winners and the way he put exotics betting to a new level and his knowledge of angles and track bias.
But time marches on.Higher win percentage will not amount to making higher profits anymore.We have to adapt.
We may never become professional handicappers.But we can have fun and success in our own way along the way.

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Old 02-21-2019, 12:34 PM   #23
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Wonderfully put Ray. Reading this post was like taking a walk down memory lane. Again I wish you continued success.
Trust but verify
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Old 02-21-2019, 01:30 PM   #24
ray lopez
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Join Date: Jun 2006
Posts: 464
Thank you,Tim.

Correction...Seminar-in-a-Box was by Steven Unite of Cynthia Publishing.He's a close friend of Dick Mitchell.My apologies...

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Old 02-21-2019, 07:04 PM   #25
Bill V.
The egg man
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Great story

Hello Ray

Great story. I share your feelings, RDSS is great but breaking out the simple old programs - for me, my two favs are KGEN and Entropy, just feels good in my fingertips.
I do switch between RDSS and the oldies but I don't change the concepts that Doc taught.

Good skill in your work going forward.
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