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RDSS Racing Decision Support System – The Modern Sartin Methodology

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Ted Craven
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Limitations of Result Chart data Plan in current version

A few folks have asked how RDSS uses Result Charts and whether it is worth while subscribing to the PP+Result Charts data plan, which is more expensive than the PP Only data plan.

What you can do

In the current version 0.98.5, the only use made of the Result Chart plan (i.e. the only added value to paying for that plan) is that you can see the full Result Chart for any Past Performance line when you click on the Date/Race# column in a horse’s PP in the Original screen. RDSS contacts TrackMaster’s server and fetches that Chart, then stores it on your computer for faster retrieval the next time. Here’s what it looks like:

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You can use this information to make judgments about the matchup or pace considerations faced in that last race by a horse or horses returning today. Also, extended trip notes, etc. Eventually, this Chart will be presented in exactly the same way as a Past Performance display or an Analysis screen (e.g. with mark-ups, colour coding, etc).

What you can’t do (yet)

Unfortunately, RDSS does not download the previous day’s Result Charts for race cards you worked and store them in the database. This will happen eventually. You will use these to create models and profiles, or perhaps any other data research or export tasks you see fit (if that’s your thing). Also, while RDSS contacts BRIS SuperTote to display live tote odds and mutuel results, it does not store these results (or tote info) and does not use this automatic race-by-race info to make models or profiles for you or record your wagers. This will also happen eventually (and I am counting on it, as I am notoriously apathetic at keeping records, though I push myself to do so). Please note that while the RDSS Toteboard connection is currently available for all data plans, at some point in the future it will be only available if you subscribe to the (more expensive) PP+Charts data plan.

So, if you think having access to Charts for a horse’s Past Performances is valuable, or if you think the Toteboard connection is valuable and you want to continue to access it in all future versions, then you could consider signing up for the PP+Charts TrackMaster data plan, here. Then, update your RDSS Registration info by first clicking on the Submit button (to retrieve the info from TrackMaster that you indeed have subscribed to both plans), then specify on the RDSS Registration window that you want to be downloading on that PP+Charts plan, rather than on the PP Only plan. Note: you may have to close then re-open the Registration window to show that you have a choice between plans, per the image below.

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