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RDSS Racing Decision Support System – The Modern Sartin Methodology

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Hi Ted...just read your commentary ...I for one appreciate your explanations about everything that's happening on the site...no need to apologize.....I do have something that I would like for you to address and or correct if possible. Look at Race #7 @ WO
for last Sunday 7/21/2013...Horse #2 Grand Arch...Pace line #1 has no interior fractions in the PP's and therefore on RDSS we cannot select that pace line, and that might be the line that we would want to use. But on the result charts for that race that I copied from Bris Net there were interior fractions for that race...I'm just wondering why TrackMaster can't insert those fractions somehow and make that a usuable line for us?? We have the same problem every summer with Monmouth Park turf sprints where they WON'T use interior fractions...I contacted them last summer about it and they say that they can't put fractions for those about 5 1/2 F distances......it doesn't seem that difficult to me ..they just don't want to do it...you 2F 4F and 5F fractions are still going to be there during the running of the race...then put the final time at the end...Simple...anyway if possible see if you can solve this so that we can get fractional times on all turf races...also FairGrounds has the same problem on some races on turf but not all the time...seems like about distances are confusing the time keeper (Iguess)
anyway thanks for your time...Best to you...Randy A.

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