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Sartin Video Seminar - Las Vegas 1993

Here is a full blown, live video of the Sartin Seminar from Las Vegas, November 1993. I received the video tapes a few months ago from Tim L (Profiler8) - in Germany (Danke Schoen!!) and had them digitized but have not yet had the time to chop these fairly large files down into smaller chunks for easier downloading.

So, I decided to simply post them here as they are, quite good quality, but quite large files. If anyone has the tools and the time to break them down into, say, a collection of ~200Mb MP4 format files, with some care taken to break at natural pause points - please contact me to make arrangements for uploading them.

Meanwhile, here are the 3 original files representing 3 video tapes of about 2 hours each.


A Sartin Methodology Handicapping Course - Las Vegas 1993

Video #1: "Paceline and Contender Selection - Unique Applications Indigenous to the Sartin Method"

Tom Brohamer - Jim Bradshaw - Bruce Jorgenson - Marion Jones - Howard Sartin - Vic Palermo - Glen Connolly - Spencer Toner

Video #1 (542 Mb)

Video #2: "Record Keeping - Inspiration vs Information"

Tom Brohamer - Howard Sartin - Jim Bradshaw - Bert Mayne - Vic Palermo - Glen Connolly - Spencer Toner

Video #2 (1.1 Gb)

Video #3: "Energy - Entropy - Deceleration - Readout Interpretation"

Howard Sartin - Jim Bradshaw - Bert Mayne - Marion Jones - Sam Wada - Vic Palermo - Glen Connolly - Bruce Jorgenson

Video #3 (1.2 Gb)


Racing Decision Support Systemô

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