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Mark, you could try to disable the default access of the TwinSpires tote system by adding to the Config File, the [General] section, the line:


In the Configure Tab, click the Edit Configure File button to get access to that file.

This disables RDSS from fetching odds and prices data from the TS tote system, though it does not prevent checking periodically for scratches. TwinSpires appears to be blocking some computers running RDSS, so it must have to do with security settings and particular Windows versions on some computers.

I have one machine running Windows Server where I regularly still get that spinning wheel, 'not responding' message on V2.1.049.11 (current version), though I have 4 other computers running Windows 10 and Windows Vista (!) where I do not get that message at all.

Since no one has written me before to report the same as you, I thought the current version was handling things.

Please try the suggested Tote_enabled setting and let us know if that helps. If not, I will be happy to connect to your computer and attempt to troubleshoot your security settings if you like.

I ran into a number of snags trying to comprehensively update RDSS from the current version, that's why it is delayed. (That plus working on a few other things while no one was complaining ...). My current goal is to have a fairly comprehensive update by the time of the Saratoga Meetup mid-August (or before).

Moving this post to the Bugs Thread ...


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