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Conversation Between papajohn3times and Mitch44
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  1. papajohn3times
    06-23-2021 12:01 PM
    Thanks for getting back to me so soon. As always I appreciate your friendship!
  2. Mitch44
    06-22-2021 07:15 PM
    Hi John
    Right now I'm just using Bris. As soon as Ted comes out with the next update I'm going to return to RDSS. I wanted some of the problems solved before returning. The present version has corrected many of the problems and I hear good things from Tim etc.

    So I believe the next update is coming in July, once Ted gets settled in his new abode he'll be on it.

    I'll be glad to do one once it comes out and its up and running. Anytime John. Hope your well and best of luck.


  3. papajohn3times
    06-22-2021 12:09 PM
    Hi Galen
    I wrote a note to Ted asking about future webinars. I asked if you or Richie P could be asked to do one and he said you weren't using RDSS ??????
    If this is true could you let me know why and what you are using now?

    You Tim G and Ritchie M. are the only ones I have faith in!

    Hope all is well
  4. papajohn3times
    08-05-2020 05:29 PM
    Hi Galen!
    Looks like Ted finally answered our questions about "moves" thanks again my friend for all the valuable help and great advice! You are a class act and if
    I can ever help you out just ask!?
  5. papajohn3times
    07-31-2020 11:20 AM
    Hi Galen
    Did you get my last email to you?
    You an also reply to my email. papaj74@aol.com

    I may have too many messages on p&c
    PHONE is. 586 250 7952
  6. papajohn3times
    02-03-2020 07:18 PM
    Hi Galen
    I somehow gave you the wrong number! Don’t get old!
    It is 586 250 7952
    Hope to hear from you
  7. papajohn3times
    01-23-2020 10:29 PM
    Hi Galen
    Long time no hear!
    I have used your advise on betting and have done really well. In fact last Saturday was my only losing day in 8 betting days. Not much profit but my bets are still small. I have had a host of payouts to my daughter and granddaughter,but hey,thatís what Granpas are for!,,

    I have some questions about preceptor readouts and I guess iw be easier to talk on the phone?

    Give me your number and I will call ASAP or you can call me anytime after about 7 pm
    586 250 7097

    Thanks in advance my friend
  8. papajohn3times
    01-26-2019 08:23 PM
    Hi Galen
    Won 68.00 today and after talking to you,it,s like a light finally came on!
    I only used the top 5 profit lines. As my contenders. I again want to thank you so ver very much. Up and onward!

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